Blue Dot Fire-Resistant Second Amendment Gun Safe

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4.6/5 on January 5, 2016

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  • One of the Most Durable Safes Available
  • Choose Combo Locks or Electronic Locks
  • Electronic Keypad’s Battery Is Easily Replaced
  • Pockets on the Inner Door


  • Very Heavy Safe (650 lbs) Due to Its Size

Blue Dot Safes is in the business of providing quality safes that are sometimes custom made to fit each individual’s needs, especially in a workplace environment where you really may need it the most. It is a company that is as dedicated to the customers that they serve as they are to the safes that they build. With their expertise, the Second Amendment gun safe was created. It is by far not one of the most expensive safes available, but it does have more storage area than many others that could cost you much more. If you are ready to ensure you have a safe place for all of your valuables, why not consider this beautifully designed safe and find out exactly what Blue Dot Safes is all about?


  • Two Way Locking System
  • 5 Fixed and 9 Live Bolts
  • Drill Resistant Plate
  • Can Hold 30 Guns, 8 Holsters and 5 Ammo Pouches
  • 4 Interior Shelves
  • Can Hold Guns or Other Valuables with Ease


  • One of the Most Durable Safes Available
  • Choose Combo Locks or Electronic Locks
  • Electronic Keypad’s Battery Is Easily Replaced
  • Pockets on the Inner Door


  • Very Heavy Safe (650 lbs) Due to Its Size


The Blue Dot Safes gun safe is 55.18 x 32.5 x 20 inches. This means that it gives you a full 35,596 cubic inches of space on the inside for all of your valuables. Most owners say that it is a beautiful safe that offers extreme protection.

It is able to withstand fires of 1700 degrees for at least an hour. It is made of 12GA steel that has a black powder coat finish. The pin hinges and the ball bearings are also made of pure steel. Inside, you will find a plush grey carpeting so that you do not have to worry about damage happening to any of the valuables you put inside of it. It does also bolt securely to the floor so that you will not have to worry about someone easily taking it out of your home.


There are other options in the market these days when it comes to choosing large fire resistant safes. One is the Steelwater 20 Long Gun Fire-Resistant Gun Safe. It has a drill/ballistic resistant plate. Being fire resistant is a plus, along with the included dehumidifier. It also has adjustable shelves and a reprogrammable keypad. This safe is on the expensive side.

Another is the Stack-On Fire Resistant Waterproof Fully Convertible Total Defense Safe is another great choice. It is smaller than the Steelwater safe but it also cheaper. It’s fire resistant and waterproof which can be helpful if it’s stored somewhere with a sprinkling system or in a basement. This safe uses plastic anchors instead of metal.

Out of the options that are mentioned, there is no question the Second Amendment Gun safe is one of the best gun safes. It’s heavy weight is a deterrent to thieves especially when bolted down. The two way locking system is a nice feature and so is being able to choose between combo or electronic locks. For its size it is also one of the more affordable gun safes.


When you have a safe in your home, you should feel confident that the items you put inside of it are going to be safe. The Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment is the right one for the job according to most of the people who have purchased it. This means that it should also be able to meet or exceed your expectations.

The fact that it is large enough to hold so many guns at one time, should also be good news for you. If you do not have that many guns in your home, never fear, the shelves on it, ensure that you will always be able to find something to put inside of it. Are you ready to find out what this safe can offer you? It is certain you will not regret your investment if disaster does strike.

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