Fingerprint Gun Safes: What Are They and Why We Need Them?

Sentry Safe Biometric Gun Safe

If you are a proud gun owner, keeping your gun in a safe and enclosed space can be one of the more worrisome aspects of holding a licensed weapon. In case of emergency, you’ll want to be able to access your gun easily, but you don’t want the weapon to be accessible to the point where someone else around your house could get injured or injure someone else. This is one of the reasons why fingerprint gun safes are growing in popularity among gun owners. With a quick fingerprint swipe, you alone are allowed quick access to your gun. See our list of best fingerprint safes


What Are Fingerprint Gun Safes? 

Fingerprint or biometric gun safes are a compact, safe, and secure storage for firearms when they are not in use. What makes them different from a regular lock safe is that they are opened when matched with the correct fingerprints. This is important for responsible gun owners, because it allows a quick and easy access to any stored firearms, but doesn’t make them as easily accessible to others in or around your home.

Fingerprint gun safes can come in different sizes, shapes, and have a multitude of different features such as override keys, heavy-duty construction, pry resistance and more. With such a wide variety of makes and models, its important that you pay attention to what your safe can do, to ensure the safety of those around you. Biometric gun safes are excellent choices when compared to lock safes, especially in dangerous or fast-moving situations, allowing you to keep others out of your firearms safe, while also providing quick and easy access for you through fingerprint record and recognition technology.


Why Should I Have One?

 There are a number of reasons why you might want to own a fingerprint safe if you are the owner of a firearm. One of the biggest reasons is to ensure quick and easy access to your firearms, should a dangerous situation arise. It can get tricky, having a locked safe in high-paced, or shocking scenarios. Should something occur where you’ll need your firearm, you could forget your lock code, or can’t put in the code fast enough. With a fingerprint gun safe, simply placing your hand on the outside of the safe unlocks it, leaving you with no numbers to memorize or recall, and no time wasted trying to open a lock.

Another reason why you might want a fingerprint gun safe is to protect those around you. With lock safes, it’s easy for others to know your safe code, and have access to your firearms when you aren’t using them. This can be dangerous for the individual, yourself, and for others. With a fingerprint recognition software, you are the only one who has access to the firearm encased inside. By replacing your lock safe with a fingerprint gun safe, you and those around you will be safer and will leave you with a stronger peace of mind.

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