Gun Cabinets


People are taking a new interest in their guns and other valuables because everyone is concerned about safety more than ever before. Crime in some areas of our world is constantly on the rise. Who knows if and when it will begin to slow down soon. Parents want to be able to protect their home from potential invasions. They also want to protect their children by not allowing them to easily access their weapons. Along with all of this, the world of gun safes is a constantly changing thing. New technology is being used to make them more secure, but easier to get into. It is a catch 22, because ease of access does not always mean secure.

Instead of buying a gun safe, some people are now choosing to build or purchase gun cabinets. They are easier to blend in so that it does not look like a safe. Some are decorative and be more like a display for your prized guns off. Either way, you can keep it secure so that children are not at risk.

What Is a Gun Cabinet?

When you think of a gun safe, you most likely imagine a steel box that is large or small. They are not pretty, they are serviceable. A gun cabinet is different because they are mainly made out of wood. Some gun cabinets feature locks, glass doors, drawers for ammunition and other things that make them more decorative. They are designed to hold larger rifles and shotguns instead of handguns. They often have racks inside of them so the guns are held securely, in an upright position. They may also have racks that cradle the rifle as it lays flat within the cabinet.

If you want a more secure cabinet, you can purchase a metal cabinet that is more of a locker design. They are easy to hide in closets and they are slower to burn if your home happens to catch on fire. They also do not have glass doors which may invite a burglar to take your weapons. This also makes it harder for children to break the glass to play with something they know they should not touch.


What Makes Gun Cabinets Different from Gun Safes?

One of the most obvious differences between gun safes and gun cabinets are the prices. If you want a large gun safe that is very secure, you could easily spend a couple thousand dollars on it. Many gun cabinets are just a couple hundred dollars, even if you want one that can store a lot of shotguns and rifles.

The other main difference is the security level. Gun safes are obviously designed to be more secure. Many of them can resist fire damage for up to an hour, which will protect your valuables in case of this unfortunate event. Many safes can be opened using fingerprints, combinations, and keys. A gun cabinet will usually have a standard lock and key. A wooden gun cabinet will not protect your guns from a fire and the more decorative ones will not protect your guns from being stolen, but it will ensure that your guns and ammo are in one area.

Should You Purchase a Gun Safe or Build One?

If money is a concern for you, building your own gun cabinet could be ideal. There are free plans for it all over the internet and therefore all you have to do is purchase the wood or metal that you want to use. You will also need to have access to saws and other tools that will be necessary for you to cut it out and put it together. This may be difficult if you do not have the right tools or knowledge, which is why many prefer to purchase a gun cabinet that is already cut out of wood or metal. From there, the assembly is easy.

When you purchase a gun cabinet you have many options, but you may not be able to find a gun cabinet that is perfect in every way for you and your family. There will be different locking options, different types of wood, different sizes, and more, but they still may not be ideal.

Even if you have very little skill with tools and building things, you can re-purpose an old cabinet to meet your needs. You can put a lock on it that you feel is more secure than some of the already built gun cabinets. You can design it to fit into an area where it will not be easily seen by an intruder or curious children. Admittedly, you may sacrifice the decorative nature of gun cabinets by building your own, but you can increase its functionality to meet your needs.

DIY Gun Cabinet Ideas

There are a lot of free plans available when it comes to building your own gun cabinet. There are plans for metal and wooden cabinets. There are cabinet plans that still use the glass doors to give it the decorative style that you may want. You can choose to create a rustic cabinet or a modern one, depending on the decor style you prefer.

If you want a gun cabinet that is hidden away somewhere, there are plans available to help you build it. For instance, you could build a cabinet that is designed to look like a medicine cabinet or a curio cabinet. The part that you see looks like shelves that hold items. When you open it though, there are weapons hidden behind the items. There are also cabinets that you can build to look like large bookshelves with drawers or cabinets under them. The gun storage can be in the drawers, and whatnots or books can be on the shelves above. You could build a nightstand or a basic cabinet that has faux sides on it. When you turn the key or push in on it in a certain way, the side of the nightstand can open up to reveal your handguns or shotguns depending on the size of the cabinet.

With a little creativity, you can build a cabinet that will hold your guns and create it any way that you want to. It is probably cheaper and easier than you expect. In the end, the only thing that matters is that you feel safe with it in your home.

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