Gun Safety Locks and Cables


Gun safety is something that every gun owner and family should keep in mind at all times. You can teach your children to avoid them or how to hand them, but that may not be enough. During certain situations you may not be able to keep your gun locked in a safe. Despite that you may still want to know that the gun cannot be used be someone else. Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to ensure your gun is out of the hands of others, gun safety locks and cables could make you feel safer and keep your guns out of a gun safe.


What Are Gun Safety Locks and Cables?

Both of these devices are supposed to effectively stop a gun from being able to fire. The thing to keep in mind is that neither of them will prevent a gun from being stolen. If you ask around, some people feel that one is more effective than the other. The safety lock is preferred by some because it stops the trigger from being pulled. It is also quick to take off in the event that you are in an emergency situation.

Others like the cable because it can be used to prevent the gun from being loaded. The downside is it takes longer to go from cable in place to ready to fire. Many people say this means it should be used on guns that you will not need quick access to, such as a hunting or target shooting gun. They both serve a purpose and they are both recommended to keep guns from being accidentally fired by a child.


Why Use a Gun Lock?

Keeping guns out of the hands of people, especially children who do not need to touch them. Many people feel that to do this, you must keep guns locked away in a gun safe. The downside to this is that in the event that you need to protect your family from harm, you have to go to your gun safe and unlock it, pull it out, and load it. When you are up against an attacker or something, you do not want to waste time getting your firearm out of a safe. Gun trigger locks and cables enable you to store your gun out of a gun safe and keep it within reach. They also allow you to save money while keeping your weapon safe. They are a much more cost effective way to keep children safe if you do not have the money for a true gun safe.

Below are some of our recommended guns safety locks and cables. Many of their owners are happy with these devices.


Master Lock Keyed-Alike Gun Locks

This three pack of gun locks will all use the same key and the 4-pin cylinder prevents people from being able to pick the lock. They are made of steel and zinc to ensure durability, but it has protective rubber pads to protect your gun from scratches. This lock will not allow trigger movements, but it is still recommended you store your gun unloaded and keep ammunition separate from where you store the gun.


Etronic Gun Lock G7K Keyed Gun Trigger Lock

This is a high-performance lock that features a tumbler cylinder to resist picking. It has an adjustable ratchet mechanism so that it is easy to attach and lock securely. The body is made of steel and zinc. It has cushioned rubber pads to protect the gun from damage and works well on many handguns, rifles, and shotguns.


Remington Safety Cable Lock

The safety cable is a Ball-Lock cable retaining system to allow you to lock the body easily. The wire cable is protected by hardened steel beads so that it can resist attempts to cut or saw it. The cable is covered with vinyl to prevent damage to your gun’s body. It meets all California standards for cable locks.


Cable Gun Lock with Key

This is a universal safety device that can secure all pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and more. This means that is longer than some cables at 15”. It has a protective coating on it to protect your weapon from damage. All locks for this model have the same key so that you will only need one key to access all of your guns.