How Robbers Unlock A Gun Safe: A Guide to Gun Thieves


If you are ever worried that you’ll lock yourself out of your gun safe, or curious how a robber might go about it, we have answers for both. Here we’ll list some of the mistakes that gun owners make in regards to proper firearm storage when it isn’t in use, and how to combat any robbery should it ever occur.


Mistakes That Gun Owners Often Make

One of the most common reasons for gun robberies is that there were measures that could have been taken to avoid it, that were overlooked. This can include the assumption that your safe is too heavy to steal, gun safes are intimidating to robbers, or even that your valuables are hidden too well to find.

Safes are most often taken completely by gun thieves and pried open later once the robbery has succeeded. One way to keep this from happening is to anchor your gun safe to a surface so that it’s either harder or impossible for a robber to steal the entire safe. While they may still be able to pry it open on the spot, it’s likely that they will not get away with the robbery if you make it at least a little bit harder for them. This being said, gun safes are not intimidating to robbers. More often than not, robbers are looking for things such as gun safes, because they hold more monetary value. when you include whats inside.


How to Unlock Gun Safe

Just like with doors, and cars, and safes, a number of different materials can be used to break into a gun safe, even if it’s locked, and only you have the key or code. It’s been found that burglars can use simple tools such as straws, paper clips, or even just shake the safe a little bit. In many gun burglary videos, robbers are seen taking the entire safe with them and fleeing, and in many cases jumping on the top of the safe or shaking it open. By taking preventative measures like anchoring your safe, or sealing it, stopping a gun thieve could be a little bit easier.

Gun thieves can use picks, remove the rubber plates or the fingerprint reader, then insert a wire to pry the safe open, or even insert a metal shank into the safe to reach the reset button. The list goes on and on.


Keeping Your Gun Safe Safe

Consider the size of your safe, and where it would fit best to not be found easily by others. When it comes to choosing your locks, using more than a basic combination lock can be helpful and potentially stop a burglar from successfully stealing your firearms. Utilizing biometric or digital locks instead might save you from a robbery. Consider the doors of the safe. Safes with hinges located on the outside make it easier to remove them and break in. Considering bolts for the door could also add an extra measure of safety from burglars.