Modular Gun Safes


Modular Gun Safes

When it comes to protecting your home and your family buying a gun is normally is the first thing people do. However, they are mainly used for keepsakes, hunting, and other reasons. Regardless of why you choose to own a gun, you know that part of gun ownership means being responsible with it. This is why so many people have a gun safe that they try to hide away somewhere. It keeps their guns close by, but not out in the open where children or thieves can get ahold of them. For some people gun safes are not always affordable and the larger versions can be may be too heavy to move around. For that reason, many people either go without a true gun safe or they look for other options like a modular gun safe. Read on to learn all about modular gun safes and to discover whether it is the right option for you.


What Is a Modular Gun Safe?

Think about an ordinary gun safe. If you want one of the larger safes, you will need help to carry it into your home and put it into position. They can get heavy very quickly (also makes it god theft deterrent).  Larger gun safes can also be expensive. Buyer should also factor in the costs you could spend to get it delivered and placed inside your home. This is not always an ideal situation, especially if you have a lot of valuable guns that you keep as family treasures or you move around a lot and would have to hire movers to help with every move.

A modular gun safe is a viable option for most people who do not want to deal with a bulky safe that costs them a small fortune. To purchase one, you can get a good sized safe for less than $1000 and there is no need for a large delivery truck to show up to front of your house to drop it off. A modular safe will arrive in a box in a standard delivery truck, unassembled. Once you have it delivered and it is in your home, you simply assemble it and put it where you want it. Most people will not need help with this process so you get to keep your safe location a secret.


Are Modular Gun Safes Effective?

When some people hear that their gun safe can be assembled and disassembled with ease; they have to start questioning whether they are worth using? Will it protect your weapons or other valuables from fire or water damage? The truth is, mainly modular gun safes that are currently being produced have a fire rating of approximately 1 hour. They are made with 11-gauge steel sides and a 7-gauge steel door in most cases. They can have electronic locks that are UL listed. This makes them about average in comparison to other safes. The downside is, some may only have locking bolts on one side. For the most part, it is ideal for keeping kids and other curious people out of your safe and you can rest easy knowing that your most treasured items are protected from fire.


Is a Modular Gun Safe Right for You?

For the average homeowner who simply wants a safe for their valuables, a modular gun safe may be ideal. The same is true for families that move around a lot or do not wish to have to move a heavy safe from one area to another.

However, we along with many people feel that they are not the best safes to own. They do not trust in the fact that assembly is done by the owner and often without tools. To know whether it is the best choice for your guns, you will have to look at some of the available modular gun safes and learn all that you can about them. In general, they are a wise choice when it comes to protecting your valuables from theft and fire, but not everyone will be willing to give up their heavier safes.