Other Ways to Keep Your Guns Safe

toolbox gun safe

Gun safety is an issue that everyone must think of, even if they are not personally gun owners. Everyone knows that a gun, if put into the wrong hands, can become deadly. If you own guns, you have most likely looked into the price of a gun safe for them. Some of the most reliable ones can cost you a small fortune. However, this does not mean that you should forget the safe and leave them sitting anywhere. You should still take steps to ensure that they are kept in a safe area, with access being limited to them by others. If you are a gun lover and/or want keep your firearm within reach in the event you have to protect your family, there are ways to keep your guns safe besides using a gun safe. You simply have to get a little creative.

Buy a Box

Most people do not think of using any other type of storage unit as a gun safe, but if you choose to do it, you have a lot of great options. You can purchase a large toolbox that is made of metal for a lot cheaper than you can purchase a gun safe. The same can be said for lockers, like a school locker. A tool box is not always ideal because if a thief breaks into your home, they may see a toolbox and decide to go for it, so some people prefer the locker idea instead.

However, if you bolt the toolbox down and put a heavy duty padlock on it, you will greatly decrease the chances of your toolbox being messed with. It may also help to put it behind something else or disguise it in some way. You can hide it behind other tool boxes or where you have cardboard and plastic boxes stored. You can put it under a workbench in your garage or set it up inside of your home behind and use it as a table for lamps and photo albums. If you cover it with a tablecloth, no one will ever know that it is a metal toolbox that you are using as a gun safe, unless you feel comfortable with them knowing it is there.


Use Your Tools

If you are able to build a wall, you can easily hide your guns. For instance, if you have a walk-in closet, you can turn the back or side wall into a false wall with a few pieces of wood and a sheet of drywall or paneling. You will need to put a hinge on one side of the new “wall” and build shelves or holders inside of the wall to hold your firearms. Just measure out the size of “wall” you want, build a frame for it, add the hinges, and attach it to the true wall. If you want for it to blend in and look like a wall, you can paint your closet or wallpaper it to make it look as though it is a natural part of the room instead of having it look like a fake area. To further increase the security, put a lock on the opening side using a simple padlock. If done right, you can stack boxes or hang clothing in front of the lock so that no one will ever notice that there is a padlock there.

If you do not have a closet wall that you can build on, you can also cut an area of the floor in your bedroom to make a trap door. To do this, you will build the same type of square or rectangular area. Just 2″ x 4” to get the frame of your box and a sheet of plywood to create the bottom of the box. The lid will be your original floor. It simply needs a couple hinges and perhaps a finger hole to help you when it comes time to open it. Ideally, if you do this, you will put a throw rug and a small table or chair on top of it to ensure it blends in.

Hidden in Plain Sight

If you are able to build, you can create what appears to be a bookshelf, and build a drawer that goes underneath it. No one will notice that the bottom of a bookshelf can pull out to reveal a hidden drawer. The same can be done with wall shelves. Just make sure that you create several shelves that look the same, so that no one will notice the one shelf that looks different in your home. You can build a drawer that goes under your couch or put a box inside of your sofa to put firearms and other valuables inside. If you are not good at building, there are places that sell small shelves that have a drop down area for hiding weapons, ammunition, or other valuables inside of them.

You can also hide your guns in a garment bag and hang it inside of your closet. Chances are good, someone who is inside of your home looking for something, will not be looking for your favorite suit. For a small handgun, you can create or purchase a hollowed out book to use as a hiding spot for your handgun. Larger weapons can be kept in an old fridge that you have in your garage or your storage shed.


Even the best gun safe is not always ideal for keeping away burglars. Most gun safes, look like a gun safe. You need to protect yourself in whatever way you can. Hide your firearms well and keep ammunition in another safe area of your home. Disguise the fact that you have weapons hidden in any area of your home.

Most burglars are not going to spend a lot of time and effort looking for hidden items. They want easy finds. The more creativity you use to hide your firearms, the less likely it is that kids or thieves will actually find them. You may lose some fire resistance, but as a cheap alternative to a safe, it could be worth it until you are able to do better.